Infographic - The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide

A Walking & Music Festivals Checklist Infographic

June 13, 2016

Summer brings a huge number of walking and music festivals to the UK for people of all ages to enjoy some fresh air and fun times with friends. Camping is a popular add on for festival goers to get the full outdoor experience, but staying overnight means additional luggage. No one wants to be traipsing around the mud with a suitcase, so you'll need to downsize and think carefully about what to take and what to leave.

First thing's first, that little rucksack you had at secondary school isn't going to cut it! You'll want a proper backpack designed for camping or hiking. It's also best to choose one that's waterproof or has a built in rain cover like the Hi-Tec V-Lite Felix 25L Hiking Backpack. Now it's decision time - what should you pack in the limited space you have? Our Festival Survival Guide infographic offers a great checklist to ensure you're prepared for the festival, it's crowds and the unpredictable UK weather that comes with it - without needing to pack the kitchen sink.


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