You may not know it, but a lot of Hi-Tec outdoor footwear is packed with hidden technology. You can't always see it, but it's there, working away to keep your boots performing at their best.

But what is this hidden footwear technology? What does it do? It’s time to find out, with our Guide to the Top Technologies found in our outdoor footwear this season.

For starters, it’s not just footwear technology, but technologies – plural! There’s a wide range of different outdoor footwear technology in Hi-Tec’s and in many styles, you’ll find several! The different technologies have their own unique benefits, such as waterproofing, stain resistance, exceptional comfort and ultimate grip. There’s even a footwear technology designed specifically for kids which allows the footwear to grow with their feet so that the footwear can be worn for longer!

In our Guide to the Top Technologies below, you can learn more about our Top 10 favourite outdoor footwear technology which can be found in our latest collection.

Dri-Tec Waterproof Membrane

Dri-Tec is a waterproof membrane with millions of microscopic pores to allow the water vapour to escape without allowing water droplets in, resulting in superior waterproofing.

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i-Shield Water & Dirt Repellent Treatment

Exclusive to Hi-Tec, i-Shield is an invisible protective layer repels water and dirt, protecting your footwear against oil and stains to keep them looking newer and cleaner for longer.

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Ortholite Impressions Insoles

Ortholite Impressions are slow recovery foam insoles which are highly breathable and shape to the foot overtime to create a customised and exceptionally comfortable fit.

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V-Lite Lightweight Construction

V-Lite is a combination of reduced weight components, materials and construction; lightweight midsole cushioning; and minimum use of rubber while retaining outsole performance.

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Michelin Outsoles

Michelin outsoles are high performance technical outsoles engineered by the experts (yes, the car tire people!) offering ultimate traction, durability, flexibility and adaptability on varied terrains.

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Vibram Outsoles

Vibram is a world leader in high performance rubber compounds. These rubber outsoles focus on traction, comfort and protection and have been through a huge amount of testing to ensure the highest performance.

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MDT (Multi-Directional Traction) Outsoles

A Multi-Directional Traction outsole with various lugs to: quickly release dirt for improved off-road traction; encourage propulsion; encourage breaking; and allow better flex to reduce foot fatigue.

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XLR8>> Midsoles

XLR8>> midsoles are lightweight, comfortable, performance boosting midsoles that are 10% lighter, provide 10% greater rebound and 10% better energy absorption than regular EVA midsoles.

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Vibram Rollingait System (RGS) Midsole Outsole Combi

Vibram RGS is an innovative technology that helps the natural roll of the foot, developed to optimise energy output and reduce muscle fatigue to help you walk for longer.

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Big-Fit System Kids Insoles

The Big-Fit System consists of two insoles that allow our footwear to grow with kids' feet! When they grow out of their boots, simply remove the volume adjuster to increase the size by approximately half, lasting up to 3 months longer - so you get your money's worth!

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